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International Adoption: Adopting Your Child Out to Foreign Lands

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Usually, when you hear about international adoptions, you are thinking about parents in the US are adopting children from another country. You probably do not think about other couples from foreign lands adopting children from the US. However, that is a viable option as international adoption is a two-way street. If you are in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, but would prefer to place your baby into an international adoption for couples from other developed countries like Britain, France, Italy, etc., here are the steps you will need to take. Meet with an International Adoption Agency Meet with an international adoption agency and agent. The agent may want to know why you would want to send your baby out of the country rather than just adopt your child out to an American couple. You may have some very valid reasons, but it may be difficult for the agency to send an American-born child to another country. Quite often, the babies will end up in countries where there is an open and agreeable arrangement for adoptable children to travel to and fro. In any case, your child may still end up with a family inside the US, albeit several hundred miles away. Choosing Open or Closed Adoption If you choose an open adoption, then you can meet the parents from another country who want to adopt your child. Open adoption also means that your child could one day track you down in order to meet you and want to ask you questions. If the purpose of adopting your child out to foreign parents is to be as far removed from this unexpected and unplanned event in your life, open adoption may not be wholly ideal. On the other hand, if you choose a closed adoption, you will never know which country your child went to, nor will you ever meet the adoptive parents. Since there are so many couples in the US on a wait list for children, your child could still end up in the States and you would not know it. However, a closed adoption also means that you would probably never see or hear from that child again. It is a very difficult choice, given that you probably want to know for certain that you have placed your child with nice people, but you want to restrict any and all future contact for reasons only known to you.  Signing All of the Legal Documents There is a lot of legal documentation you will need to sign prior to your child leaving the country. You will need a passport for your child too, which can be made and ordered shortly after the baby is born as the passport will need the baby’s photo. Even if you do not travel with the baby to meet the adoptive parents and the baby travels with an agent or is picked up in the US by adoptive parents, your baby will need a passport. Once the adoption is legalized in the country where your child will reside, it becomes the adoptive parents’ responsibility to naturalize the...

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Adopting an Older Child—Aiding the Transition Process

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If you are adopting an older child from an adoption agency, there will be a transition period of adjustment for both you as a parent and your new child. New parents need to actively play a role in this period to help an older child acclimate. Here are four ways to help your older adopted child feel welcome and begin to fit into their new surroundings. 1. Have Them Be a Part of the Move-in Process It may be tempting to decorate and have your new child’s room ready and welcome for them. Remember that part of an older child’s identity is feeling autonomous and being in control of some decisions. This includes having your child pick out their own style and decor. Have the basics ready, but take your child shopping so they can pick out what they like and have a space that they feel comfortable in. 2. Keep Day-to-Day Life Quiet and Routine Initially throwing a huge welcome party or going on a trip might disrupt the transition period and can bring stress your new child. Try to have their initial transition info your family a low-key experience with life as close to normal as it will be. Getting used to day-to-day life within your family will be an important first step for your new child. 3. Seek out Resources around You There are plenty of external resources that can help you as new parents. Inquire with your adoption agency about support groups or counseling resources. If there are roadblocks along the way with your adoption assimilation, you don’t need to feel alone. Get in touch with other adopted families or your own family to help your new child feel accepted and to offer help or advice. 4. Find Something that is Just for Your New Child Don’t expect your new child to automatically come into the family fold and assimilate easily. Any information on their likes, hobbies, or interests can help establish their independence within your family. Find an activity that they enjoy on their own, or get them a pet that they can take ownership of. Giving your new child something that they can have control over can help with their independence and identity. Adopting an older child is a wonderful thing to do, and will add an entire new dynamic to your already established family. Be prepared for a tough road initially. By expecting a few pitfalls and some possible regression along the way, you can be ready for this new experience and work through problems together as a family. To learn more about the adoption process, contact a representative of an establishment like A Child’s...

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Items For The Best Family Entertainment

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If you’re trying to encourage your kids to a live a healthy lifestyle and get outside, there are a few accessories you can add outside that may get everyone active. It’s great to have entertainment options to lead your kids outdoors and to have some fun family competition. There are a lot of entertainment units and items you can purchase and assemble or have installed that will make your house the fun house where everyone wants to hang out after school. Basketball Hoop A basketball hoop is great for shooting and practicing and for some family fun. If you have kids that play basketball or you like to shoot hoops, you can really blow off stress or anxiety by shooting around in the driveway. A game of pig can help settle who has to do the dishes, or making teams is a great way to bond. If there isn’t room outdoors for an outside hoop, an arcade style hoop for inside the house can be fun as well. Trampoline   A trampoline is a great way to get some exercise, strengthen the leg muscles, and have fun. You can send the kids out to wear off some energy before bed. If you are worried about safety when it comes to a trampoline, you can get a net that goes around the unit so people don’t fall off the sides. If you don’t have a large yard, you can get a smaller sized trampoline that doesn’t fit as many people. Some homeowners dig out the ground so the trampoline is ground level. Zip Line If you have two large and sturdy trees in your backyard, or you want to have posts installed, you can have a zip line going through the back yard. This is a great way to improve upper body strength, and it’s a fun activity that kids love. It’s important to make sure the zip line can run smoothly without interference to prevent problems or injury. If you are trying to make a fun and entertaining outdoor space where you and the family can hang out, or you are trying to find more activities that you can all do together, these are great options to try. There are many different recreational games and equipment you can get for your family to use when the weather is nice outside, and other items that you can get for inside of the...

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Join A Grief Support Group To Help You Through A Devastating Loss

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After losing a child to a drug addiction or suicide, you may have no idea how to go on living. The pain you feel may be so overwhelming that you may have trouble getting out of bed each day. While these feelings are completely normal, there are ways to find some type of closure and peace with the situation. Your first step could be to talk to the funeral home to find out what programs are available for you. They are likely to recommend joining a grief support group. What is grief support? Grief support groups can often be found at funeral homes, libraries, or churches, and these groups are designed to provide support to anyone that is grieving a loss. While some groups are for any type of grief a person might be going through, other types are more specific. Here are some examples of specific groups that might be available in your area: Loss of loved one to suicide or drug addiction Grief caused by a divorce Loss of a job Death of a family pet Each of these groups focuses on a specific type of grief, and in your case you should look for one that focuses on losses of loved ones to suicide or drug addiction. A support group is designed to offer support to you during your time of mourning, and you may experience many positive things from it. How do support groups help? When joining a support group, you can expect it to have a few different benefits: A loving, non-judgmental atmosphere People there that are mourning similar losses as yours Support from other members of the group No pressure The sole purpose of joining a support group is to have the opportunity to grieve with others that understand how you feel. Through this type of support, you may eventually be able to find healing and closure for this horrific event you have gone through. One key aspect you will discover when joining a support group is that you are not alone. Even though everyone grieves differently and every situation is unique, you will have support and love from other people and this is what will help you learn to live again after this event. To learn more about grief support groups in your area, contact the funeral home that held the services for your child. You may discover that there are several groups to choose from, and you may also find other types of services that could also help you through this difficult time. To learn more, contact a company like Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home with any questions or concerns you...

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Alienated Due To Agonizing Anxiety? 3 Non-Drug Treatment Alternatives

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To avoid crowds at the supermarket, you buy your groceries late at night.  Because of agonizing anxiety, you haven’t ventured into a movie theater in over 5 years.  If you suffer from anxiety that prevents you from enjoying socializing with and being around people, consider the following 2 non-drug treatment alternatives.  Breathing Techniques Amazingly, some people’s bouts of anxiety are caused by their breathing methods.  Improper breathing can decrease levels of carbon dioxide and increase amounts of oxygen in a person’s bloodstream.  Carbon dioxide is a stabilizer in the body that fights off anxiety.  If you suffer from frequent anxiety, you need to monitor how you breathe.  Proper breathing should originate in the diaphragm.  This muscle is located in the lower part of your stomach.  Unfortunately, many people breathe from their chest.  This practice decreases carbon dioxide while increasing tension in the body.  To ensure appropriate breathing, make certain that your stomach, rather than your chest, heaves up and down each time you take a breath.  Nutrition In addition to breathing, another simple way to fight anxiety is by eating certain foods.  More likely than not, you already have some mood enhancing foods in your pantry right now including: Turkey – This delicious staple on Thanksgiving Day should be enjoyed all year round due to its high tryptophan levels.  Tryptophan is an amino acid that aids in the production of serotonin.  This hormone is believed to help people relax. Sardines – These tiny fish are packed with omega-3 fatty acids.  Many medical professionals agree that omega-3 fatty acids help people struggling with anxiety.  Besides sardines, these acids can be obtained from salmon, trout, walnuts, and fish oil capsules. Whole grain products – If you’re suffering from anxiety, you might want to rethink a low carbohydrate diet.  Like turkey, whole grain products are rich in serotonin producing tryptophan.  Consuming these healthy carbohydrates might also create in you a desire to exercise and make other healthier food choices.  These positive side effects of eating whole grain products will also boost your mood. Steak – This hearty juicy meat is plentiful in B vitamins.  This collection of vitamins, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, is felt to decrease stress and anxiety levels.  In addition to steak, you can get your daily recommended dose of B vitamins from liver, molasses, bananas, or nutritional supplements. For many people, anxiety alters their lives in devastatingly negative ways.  Thankfully, the 2 aforementioned treatments can often cure this malady without the use of drugs.  To discover the best anxiety treatment option for your unique situation, make an appointment with a reputable mental health professional like Dr. Juan Formento...

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Three Tips For Picking The Right Containers For Your Funeral And Cremation

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In the past, many affluent people have preferred the simplicity of being cremated over having to worry about how a casket will hold up through the centuries. Nowadays, even more people are steering clear of a traditional casket and opting for a cremation urn so that their family can save money. If you decide to get cremated yourself after your funeral, here are three tips to help in picking out containers that are most suitable for your particular circumstances. Go With A Temporary Casket Only If You Want A Very Elaborate Funeral When choosing how you want your funeral and eventual cremation to go, the first and most fundamental choice you’ll have to make will be whether you want a temporary casket to go with your urn. This casket will be used for a few hours during your funeral before getting discarded. While there are large and fancy urns available, caskets are typically larger, more elaborate, and more expensive. So if you want a very simple and casual funeral, just getting an urn is often a more appropriate choice. If You Care About Longevity, Get A Metal Urn The only way to really ensure that you stay intact indefinitely is to purchase an urn made of a quality metal such as brass or stainless steel. While wooden urns may seem impressive relative to how little they cost, they’ll eventually wither away when exposed to the elements. For Both Caskets And Urns, Smoother Is Better There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of external embellishments on your casket or urn. But anything that protrudes too far, such as a small sculpture of a bird on the edge of a casket, is extremely vulnerable to chipping off while in storage. Remember that a lot of time will pass between you first picking out a casket or urn and the actual funeral proceedings. So make sure that what you decide on is smooth and durable in addition to being visually appealing. It doesn’t matter how good your casket or urn initially looks when a small piece of it breaking can completely ruin the impression it’s supposed to make. Since the containers you pick out for your funeral and cremation will be stuck in your loved ones’ memories for such a long time, it makes sense to put a lot of thought into selecting what’s most appropriate. As long as you do enough research ahead of time, it’s not too hard to find an urn or casket that will be completely in line with your individual desires. For more advice, contact a company like Schmutzler-Vick Funeral Home & Cremation...

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